TrueAbility Leadership

Frederick Mendler
Co-Founder & CEO

Always an advocate for employees and customers, previous to TrueAbility Suizo served as Vice President, Fanatical Support over Rackspace’s Managed Hosting business—helping to grow the segment from $40 million to over $400 million, with a team comprised of over 400 in varying roles.

Adamant that a company’s culture is as critical to it’s success as the product, Suizo worked hard to maintain Rackspace’s unique employee focused culture during periods of incredibly high growth. His passion in this area lead to him spending his last two years at Rackspace helping to grow the nascent Rackspace Cloud business, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

After a nine year career helping to build the world’s greatest hosting company, Suizo left to co-found TrueAbility® with great friends and former teammates. Suizo loves spending time with his wife Tina and daughters Isabel and Thessaly.

marcus robertson

Marcus Robertson
Co-Founder & CTO

Finding his groove in technology early on, Marcus’s first job out of university was as a government contractor providing technical services for Air Force personnel. He joined Rackspace Hosting during it’s first year (2000), as a server system administrator for Rackspace’s growing customer base.

Marcus soon took over leadership responsibilities for the after hours team he was part of, and ultimately was asked to lead part of Rackspace’s managed hosting small to medium (SMB) business unit. Known broadly for his servant leadership and undivided attention to his team, Marcus amassed many accolades for team engagement.

As Director of Fanatical Support, Marcus was charged with managing a large sub segment of Rackspace’s Enterprise hosting division, working with many of the company’s largest customers. Marcus spent the last two years of his career at Rackspace as an integral part of the Rackspace Cloud, guiding Cloud Operations teams. In this capacity, he led the engineering teams responsible for building out and maintaining email and cloud hosting environments. Marcus and his wife Sally have a beautiful daughter named Maya.

Dusty Jones
Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Dusty’s introduction to computers began with a Commodore PET. This power house of a machine included a built-in five-inch monochromatic screen and a tape drive. It didn’t take long before his fourth grade teacher turned over responsibility of the machine to him, and tasked him with showing the other student’s in the class how to properly operate it. In high school he transitioned from simple BASIC programs to structured Turbo Pascal typed lovingly into an Apple IIe. Once again, his responsibilities in the class escalated and the instructor sent the other students to consult with Dusty for answers to their questions. Dusty always had a passion for science and technology and was often found with a screwdriver in hand disassembling household objects to determine how they worked. Perhaps predictably, Dusty pursued and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas.

He started his career at Lockheed Martin where he was paid to break F16 and F22 fighter parts. Having met his fill of being paid to be destructive, he joined Motorola as a process engineer, running several of their silicon chip lines at their Fab in Austin, Texas. While at Motorola, Dusty became convinced there was a better way for them to track their internal processes, and began developing tools to make their jobs easier. Before long, his tools were adopted by the company to provide better control of the engineering documentation process. After eleven years with Motorola (and their spin-off Freescale Semiconductor), Dusty joined Rackspace Hosting, where he created tools that helped Rackspace build better internal tools. Dusty left Rackspace after four years to join TeamSnap as a developer, as well as finish his Masters degree in Technology Commercialization at the University of Texas, Austin.

Dusty enjoys reading, solving complex problems, taking things apart, and spending time with his beautiful wife Brianna, and their two girls Hailey and Katie.

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