Custom Performance-Based Talent Assessments

Create your OWN performance-based assessment for your specific company needs

Arm your recruiters and hiring managers with the tools to effectively screen talent.  Our customers report that recruiting teams save as between 8-24 hours per week per recruiter by replacing skills phone screens and preliminary interviews with a custom TrueAbility performance-based talent assessment. Innovators in off the shelf online talent assessment, demand has driven us to focus on building custom talent assessments. 

Custom Talent Assessments 

You define the environment and scenarios you want to assess. We build an automated tool specifically for your role. We can “Blend” your Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with Performance-Based Scenarios for the ultimate talent assessment experience.

Learn “How” a Candidate Works

All relevant files from the assessment session are saved. Hiring Teams can review to know exactly “how” the candidate solved each problem.

24 x 7 Access = No More Scheduling

Save valuable time for your team. Candidates have 24 x 7 instant access to your assessment and can take it when it’s most convenient.

Candidates Prefer Performance-based

Nearly 90% of candidates surveyed prefer to demonstrate their skills in a performance-based environment compared to traditional technical screening methods.

Save Time

Recruiters report gaining as much as 20% of their time back using online technical assessments. No more sifting through candidate resumes or CVs looking for the right skills.

Better Relationships Internally

Hiring teams and Recruiters work better together when they are on the same page. Objective assessments mean better candidates. Better candidates means happier hiring teams.

Stacked Rankings 

Compare candidate results side-by-side. Share results with hiring teams. Spend your time where it’s most valuable–with candidates who have the skills to do the job.

Video Recording Playback

Review what steps the candidate took with an “over the shoulder” recorded view of the candidate at work to see HOW they solve the problem.

About Performance-based Talent Assessments

TrueAbility’s Performance-based Assessment platform is used to evaluate the skills of job candidates. A performance-based assessment is a live environment where the candidate has access to the tools they would use on the job. By putting the candidate in a hands-on environment to demonstrate their ability to perform in the role, hiring managers and recruiters are provided with objective data to use for job candidate evaluation.