Talent Assessment with TrueAbility

Skills Assessment for Today’s Digital Workforce™. 

Talent Assessment 

The purpose of employee testing is to help the employer predict how well an individual will perform on the job. TrueAbility is known as the first to bring an off-the-shelf, evidenced-based IT talent assessment to market. To deliver the most robust and valuable solution today, the hands-on talent assessment has evolved to one that is custom to your company’s unique culture, job(s), KPIs and business objectives.
Used as a screening tool, or as an internal assessment which can emulate the exact work environment, a custom talent assessment is spot on measuring proficiency level. Hiring managers understand that onboarding exceptional talent is critical to organizational success. Companies are remiss if they allocate most of the budget to marketing, recruiting and attracting candidates, but fail to invest the necessary capital into screening the applicants for skills.
How can you guarantee that each hire will raise the acumen of your company? Education and past job experience is important, but they fail in confirming if your applicants have the exact skills and proficiency needed in your job role. Most studies have proven effective talent assessment reduces year-one attrition by an average of 30%. In addition to retaining talent, the benefits of performance-based screening are foundational to an organization’s success.


Getting Started

Arm your recruiters and hiring managers with the tools to learn “how” a candidate works.   

TrueAbility creates a talent assessment based on the technologies and software you identify as best suited to assess the candidates in your pipeline.

You provide feedback on the tasks you would like the candidates to accomplish in a live environment, and our system provisions and administers the assessment. Once it’s completed, the platform provides automated grading and delivers a detailed results report and full-screen recording so you can evaluate their strengths.

Customized for your needs

We build an automated tool specifically for your role.

Video Recording Playback

Review what steps the candidate took with an “over the shoulder” recorded view of the candidate at work to see HOW they solve the problem.

No More Scheduling

Save valuable time for your team. Candidates have 24/7/365 access to your assessment and can take it when it’s most convenient.

Multiple Question Types

 We can “Blend” your assessment with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Performance-Based Scenarios for the ultimate talent assessment experience.

Recorded Video Interviewing

Include a set of interview questions with your assessment. We save the interview for your teams to review at any time.

Achieve Organizational Excellence 

  • Make Better hiring decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Delivering better-qualified candidates improves the relationship between recruiting teams and business units
  • Improve your company brand
  • Reduce bias and liability in your recruiting practices
Skills Assessment

Easily Benchmark Talent Throughout your Organization

  • Better develop your current employees
  • Efficiently allocate tasks to right employees
  • Align people with strategic goals
  • Implement focused training
Computer Skills Assessment