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TrueAbility makes it easy to deliver and scale high-stakes exams around the globe with a hardened system designed specifically for certifications. Secure exam environments with Automated grading–Integrated into your workflow and backed by dedicated 24/7 support.


Certification  noun. cer·ti·fi·ca·tion \ˌsər-tə-fə-ˈkā-shən\

To recognize as having met special qualifications within a field.


Certification with TrueAbility

High Stakes Certification

Secure, controlled and with unparalleled accessibility, certification exams with TrueAbility are where the value of a certification program is affirmed. TrueAbility provides the world’s most innovative environment for knowledge and skill demonstration. We take exam integrity and stakeholder experience very seriously.

Performance-based testing is at the core of TrueAbility’s certification platform. It ensures that individuals are tested on their ability to correctly perform essential tasks and functions in a real-world application. Our platform is your vehicle to creating an exam that leverages performance-based testing in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.


Increase the value of your exam

While there is multidimensional value in certifications, not all certifications are created equivalently. Some certifications rely solely on low-tech, traditional testing methods such as paper and pencil, while others require candidates to actively demonstrate on-the-job skills in a realistic computer-based environment.

Incorporating performance-based scenarios in an exam allows candidates to show they can perform the exact skills required for the job while removing bias and other barriers. By requiring an exam candidate to perform real tasks, you are ensuring that no one can “cram for an exam over the weekend.”  Capturing important knowledge-based information is possible by combining multiple-choice questions, independent or dependent on the performance-based scenarios, to ensure a comprehensive exam certification. (TrueAbility has made it easy to convert traditional exams to performance-based: Learn more about our Blended Assessments).

Increase certification value when you:

  • Increase the fidelity and test real skills
  • Ensure certification holders can perform the job
  • Remove the risk of test breach
  • Provide test variability
  • Make it scalable
  • Provide a badge, certification number, and social media integration

Exam Fidelity

Performance-based assessments are high in fidelity because of the way they require candidates to demonstrate actual skills in the tasks present in the real work environment. Fidelity is the “degree to which the assessment device reflects the performance of a task or demonstration of knowledge in a real workplace setting.” (Hale) >read more about this in our in-depth whitepaper

Performance Tests Ranked by Fidelity

Figure 1 Hale, Judith. © 2017 “Fidelity Measurement”

Reliability and Validity

Here at TrueAbility, we create pioneering technology aimed at continually improving the testing process. TrueAbility is a methodically driven organization that builds our reputation on a providing a reliable and valid platform for your exam.

Face Validity is achieved with exams that have high fidelity. Performance-based assessment (also referred to as action-based assessment) is the highest ranked in fidelity by creating the live, real work environment. Utilizing performance-based assessment is well beyond just asking questions about job functions or creating a simulated experience – it allows you to validate if the person can “do” the work by creating performance and action-based scenarios.
Predictive Validity is where performance on the test can best predict job performance. This is tracked by our clients with evaluation systems post exam. Our clients do report that performance-based assessment correlates more with successful job performance than other forms of assessment.
Content Validity is achieved when the content provider’s subject matter expert signs off that we captured the most accurate job scenarios desired to prove real skills.
Construct Validity mostly is connected to multiple choice questions. We do work with our clients on developmental testing to confirm instructions to the candidate are clear.
Many companies at the forefront of the software and IT industry like Cisco, SAS and Red Hat have utilized performance-based testing in their certification programs for years. Today, our platform makes performance-based certification possible for all industries and companies large and small. Removing the need to hire a dedicated team by democratizing real-world testing, means valuable certifications that all stakeholders can rely on. 
No matter what your certification, or the size of the team, TrueAbility makes performance-based certification easy.