Customize your assessment or training lab to
meet your specific needs at a specific time.

Automated Grading with GradingEngine™ – Our automated grading system is a unique assessment feature to the testing industry. Intelligent machine grading applies a comprehensive set of checks to score an assessment while recording candidate performance and producing results documentation.

Manual Grading Review – Have test items and artifacts that need manual or human inspection?  With our Manual Grading Review, you can leverage this assessment feature with automation and still manually grade your exams.

API Access – Using our APIs, easily integrate your internal or 3rd party systems into a desired workflow with the TrueAbility platform

Flexible Proctoring Options – Secure online remote proctoring so you can bypass the need for a physical testing center, or if you prefer on-site testing, TrueAbility works with physical proctoring centers too.

ID Verification – Using our ID Verify service, maintain the integrity of your assessment by verifying the authenticity and validity of a test taker prior to starting an exam.

Session Playback Video –  Review what steps the candidate took with an “over the shoulder” recorded view of the candidate at work to see HOW they solve the problem.

3rd Party Integrations – Leverage our existing Proctoring, LMS, and Badging integrations, or utilize our APIs to integrate other services.

Geographic Proximity – We utilize most major public clouds (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Google Cloud) to ensure high performance and build a cloud-based test environment geographically as close to the candidate as possible.

Localization – The assessment environment can be translated into native languages, with translations for actual exam content the responsibility of the exam sponsor.

Assessment Environment Archiving – The assessment environment is archived and can be restored for exam audits.

Assessment File Archiving – All the test-taker’s individual files and changes made in the exam are saved and made available as part of the grading process.

Additional Customization – Our professional services team can add features making the assessment experience meet specific needs.

Pure Performance-Based Assessment
Blended Assessment

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