Performance-Based Assessment

A platform for testing hands-on skills

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Industry leaders know the value of a strong certification program. Make a program
even stronger by including real-world testing in a live technical environment.


A dedicated Cloud environment provisioned for each candidate.


Guided experience includes proctoring for high-stakes exams.


Automated grading means results are available immediately.


From concept to implementation in as little as a few weeks.

Training Labs

Live training labs for use in office or across the globe. Need multi-node environments accessible
at the click of a button for your Training, Sales Product Demos, and Proof Of Concepts?

TrueAbility can do that too.


From 10 environments to 10,000, TrueAbility grows with you.

Instantly Available

24×7 Instant access to your training, lab, or demo environment.

Any Configuration

From simple to complex, build the environment that you need.

Curriculum & Scenarios

Deliver customized scenarios and technical walkthroughs.

Talent Assessments

Off-the-shelf assessments for Linux and Open Source technologies ready
to be used today, or custom assessments built to your need.

Verify Skills

Validate a technical professional’s skills. For a job, promotion, or for practice.

View Sample Assessment or Take a Practice Assessment.

Instant End-State Validation

Automated grading performed on the end-state of the user’s performed tasks.

Detailed Task Results

The results of each of the users tasks are scored and available for review.

Data Review

All relevant log files and configuration files from the testing session are saved.

Session Playback

Keystroke playback gives you an “over the shoulder” view of the test session.

Utility Pricing

No contracts. Pay per assessment or choose a subscription.

Why TrueAbility

Remove manual tasks. Enjoy the benefit of automated grading. TrueAbility turns your scenarios
into performance-based problems requiring interactive problem solving in a real technical environment.

Fully Managed

Simple and easy SAAS facilitation.

Cloud Based

Scales up and down. From 10 assessments a month to over 10,000 a month.

Automated Grading

Instant results for test takers and technology vendors.

Global Accessibility

Reach every corner of the globe 24/7/365.

Flexible Pricing

Select a plan that works best for your needs.

Remote Delivery

No need for physical testing centers. 100% online.

Remote Proctoring

Secure online proctoring and active test taker monitoring for high stakes exams.

Remote Proctoring

Secure online proctoring and active test taker monitoring for high stakes exams.

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