Pure Performance-Based Assessment

Proving knowledge by DOING.

A Pure Performance-based Assessment means the entire exam requires the candidate to perform real work in a live environment utilizing software and technology to produce a measurable outcome or desired end-state.

Performance-based Assessment is the very foundation of the service TrueAbility provides. Well leveraged, it can be the most valid and reliable way to predict candidates’ ability to perform the tested functions.

What is Performance-Based Assessment?

Performance-based assessment is the second highest in fidelity for evaluating skills, one notch behind being in the actual environment. There are various terms used in the testing industry that articulate how our assessment platform enables a candidate’s ability to “actually do,” such as action-based assessment or performance-based assessment. To maintain industry constancy, we predominantly use the term performance-based assessment. This method tests skills in an environment that is realistic and true to how a person typically applies those skills. A great example of a common performance based assessment is a driving test. What better way to determine if an individual has the right level of skills required to operate a vehicle on public streets than putting them behind the wheel? There isn’t one.

A Better Way to Test

Many assessments only utilize multiple-choice or written testing techniques. Some experts question the ability of these methods to properly gauge skill level. To combat the perceived shortcomings of traditional testing methods, organizations can implement performance-based assessment. This method of testing requires candidates to apply their knowledge and demonstrate skill by “doing” as opposed to selecting the correct answer or explaining it in writing.

Efficient and Scalable

Historically, there hasn’t been an efficient means of creating and delivering performance-based assessment. Early adopters who didn’t have the benefit of existing performance-based assessment technology built it in-house with existing resources. Often they spent considerable expense hiring outside experts. For most, building a technology foundation to deliver performance-based assessment falls outside of their core competency and performance-based assessment has been largely unattainable. That is, until now.

After meticulous research to explore certification platform options, TrueAbility’s fully-managed and cloud-based platform was the only pure performance-based assessment product on the market that met all their requirements.  Learn More about how TrueAbility transformed SUSE’s certification program»

Pure Performance-Based Case Study