How It Works

Finally! An efficient and scalable means for delivering performance-based skill assessments anywhere in the world. 

Our cloud-based platform puts end-users in a real environment to demonstrate hands-on skill. This solution works as a stand-alone assessment method or companion to traditional testing methods.

Developing a Performance-based Assessment: You provide the content. We make it performance-based. By working with the test-items and real-world scenarios that your team would like built into the assessment, we can create an ideal environment that get’s the best from your assessment candidate. 

Provisioning: We provision a unique online environment for each user. Loaded with everything you prescribe, including any tools and software, the candidate will have everything they need to complete the assessment. 

Administration: Accessible by internet from anywhere in the world, candidates receive instructions and assessment questions in a timed environment. Want the assessment to be proctored? We can do that too!

Results: Once an assessment candidate is done proving their skills in a live environment, our end-of-test process begins. This includes archiving all the candidate’s work, and automatically grading to produce a score.