Partnering is an important component towards changing the way the world measures skill and ability. In order to bring performance-based assessment to classrooms and workplaces around the world, we introduce the TrueAbility Partner Program.

TrueAbility Partner

Whether it’s allowing students to learn in hands-on labs to close the experience gap and fill jobs, or ensuring that companies are putting the best people in the right role, performance-based assessment provides fair, objective, and rich skill demonstration. TrueAbility’s platform makes performance-based assessment possible for the 21st century workforce. And now it can be integrated into your software for your customers.

Since 2012, TrueAbility has provided a managed platform for delivering performance-based skill assessments around the world – used for talent assessment, training and certification.

TrueAbility’s enterprise grade cloud-based platform creates a real-world environment for learning and demonstrating hands-on skill. With global infrastructure and automated provisioning, test administration and machine grading, our solution is scalable and reliable.

TrueAbility features include:

  • Blended Assessments with multiple test item types

  • e-Commerce front-end

  • Integrated ID Verification

  • Recorded assessments and Video interviewing

  • RESTful APIs

  • 24/7 Support

  • Proctoring

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