TrueAbility is a managed service for delivering our optimized skills based assessment anywhere in the world. Used for Talent Assessment, Training and Certification, TrueAbility’s cloud-based platform puts candidates in a real-world environment to demonstrate hands-on skill.

By offering unlimited scalability and automated grading, TrueAbility eliminates the manual tasks in the execution of a skills based assessment. A cloud-based platform means accessibility from anywhere, 24/7/365.


TrueAbility was conceived in early 2012 based on a need the founders experienced while growing a fast-paced startup into a $2B global company. The hiring never stopped, and the need for an efficient, objective and viable means of evaluating candidate skills was a huge gap. Traditional testing methods like phone screening and white board exercises never really proved how well someone could actually do the job. Performance-based testing and including a skills based assessment is the only way to be sure someone has real skills.

TrueAbility was incorporated in Oct of 2012 and received significant investor interest. The company launched a low-stakes job screening product with performance-based talent assessments. In early 2014 the opportunity to move into high-stakes performance-based testing for certification emerged. TrueAbility continued to evolve the technology and now boasts the only fully automated and globally scalable provisioning, administration and grading platform delivering performance-based certification. TrueAbility has established key partnerships with leading testing services companies and can provide a full end-to-end certification program, in addition to various types of our skills based assessment.

Our Vision

We believe that every professional will submit to a form of performance-based assessment as part of the job interview process, for training or for certification. Performance-based will be the status quo for skill and knowledge demonstration.

Our Mission

To make it easy for entities to create and implement performance-based skill assessment. TrueAbility’s platform makes it easy provide a hands-on environment for candidates to learn or prove their skills.

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