TrueAbility provides an advanced platform for delivering skills-based assessment for today’s digital workforce™. Important to the classroom and workplace, TrueAbility provides solutions built upon performance-based technology, bridging a gap for both end-users and the entities measuring their skill by providing the most accurate and comprehensive environment for a person to learn or demonstrate ability.

Performance-based assessment captures more educational objectives than any other assessment method alone. TrueAbility’s platform combines this innovation with traditional assessment methods and a menu of features to create the most optimal assessment capability available today.



TrueAbility was conceived in early 2012 based on a need the founders experienced at a previous high-growth company. With growth came non-stop hiring, and the need for an efficient and objective means of evaluating candidate skills became obvious. Traditional job candidate evaluation methods like phone screening and whiteboard exercises never proved how a person might perform on the job. The need to find a way to measure “real” skills was apparent.

TrueAbility was incorporated in October of 2012 receiving significant investor interest. A graduate of the TechStars Accelerator Program, the company, first launched a low-stakes performance-based talent assessment product. Shortly after, we applied our technology to launch live training labs. In early 2014 the opportunity to move into high-stakes performance-based testing for certification emerged. TrueAbility continued to evolve the technology and now boasts the only fully automated and globally scalable provisioning, administration and grading platform delivering performance-based certification. Today, TrueAbility delivers skills based assessments around the globe for certification, training and talent assessment.

A culture built on customer service, TrueAbility is disciplined and adheres to a strict security standard while prioritizing the end-user experience taking pride in making the administration of assessments more effective and more productive.

Our Vision

Performance-based will be the status quo for skill and knowledge demonstration.

Our Mission

Make it easy to implement and deliver performance­ based skills assessment around the globe.

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