Performance-based assessment
accessible to anyone at any time

We are innovating test delivery by making performance-based assessment accessible to anyone at any time. At TrueAbility®, we believe that there is no better place to learn to swim than in the water. Leverage our platform today to bring the real world to your exam or assessment.

Every assessment is:

Performance-based – Our foundation. Experts agree “showing by doing” is the best predictor of ability. There is no better way to gauge real skill than putting a candidate in a live environment. Performance-based assessment captures more educational objectives than any other testing method can alone. Combining performance-based assessment with traditional testing methods creates an optimal outcome where budget and desired learning objectives meet.

Cloud-based – Scalable and accessible anywhere, anytime, on any cloud provider. From identity verification and proctoring, to test administration and automated grading, the cloud enables on-time automated delivery from one to one million. Optional geographic proximity to ensures a high quality of service for each test taker, no matter where they are.

Managed by Specialists – This is what we do–every day since 2012. Our fully managed service utilizes existing or updated curriculum to build the right assessment for your needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Supported 24/7 – Test around the globe and sleep well knowing we can support your team and test takers.

User Friendly – Everything is designed with both the test taker and the exam administrator in mind.


Our performance-based assessment platform is used to deliver global certification programs, remote and instructor led training programs, and to qualify job candidate skills via talent assessments.

We make it easy to put content in a hands-on environment, allowing you to assess real skills. Today, data scientists, actuaries, lawyers, developers, engineers, technologists and other professionals prove themselves on the TrueAbility platform. The possibilities are endless.

What We Are Not

A Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) only provider: TrueAbility provides assessments that require a performance-based component. We believe our partners are a better option for those looking for a vendor to provide MCQ only exams.

Simulations: There is a clear distinction between simulations and the real world. Building simulations require mapping out paths and creating content for every potential possibility a candidate may take. A real-world performance-based environment gives the candidate infinite opportunities to demonstrate their skills.

Develop Content: TrueAbility utilizes customer provided content and curriculum and builds that onto the performance-based platform. We do have a network of consultants and partners that we work with to make performance-based curriculum a reality for our clients.

Self-Service: We do not provide customer access to update questions or grading functions directly. Enjoy our managed service and allow us to update the platform for you.

Performance-based Assessment

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