Blended Assessments

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Not all assessment services or exams have to be 100% performance-based to be as effective. The ultimate test of an end-user’s knowledge and skill can be obtained by optimizing multiple-choice questions in combination with performance-based questions, to build a Blended Assessment. By offering the ability to combine various assessment questions types, clients have the flexibility of repurposing current multiple-choice questions within a performance-based assessment and, in many cases, this option can be a quicker path to adding performance-based questions to an assessment.

PerformanceMCQ: A combination of performance-based and multiple-choice questions, the candidate determines the answer to a question by performing real work in a live environment and relating the outcome to provided answers.

Multiple-Choice Questions –Traditional and dependable, the best way to test the understanding or recollection of facts in combination with performance-based test items.

Blended Assessment Benefits

Unified Test Experience: Design an efficient and effective candidate experience by including your MCQ and PBA questions in one exam environment.

Get Online Quickly Using Your Existing Content: Repurpose valuable, existing multiple-choice test content and introduce Performance-Based test items without heavy rework or greenfield curriculum development .

Measure Real Skill: Create new test content that relies on successful execution of hands-on skills to determine test answers.

Easy Transition: Move easily from current testing methods to performance-based.

Speed to Market: Quickly get a performance-based test online

Learn from an actual customer experience

Integrating both knowledge and performance assessment items into their certification program creates the opportunity for test-takers to demonstrate Chef Software proficiency in real world scenarios.  Learn More about how Chef solved a disconnected process»

Blended Assessment Case Study

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