Powerful Performance-Based Certification Programs

TrueAbility makes it easy to deliver and scale high-stakes exams around the globe with a hardened system designed specifically for certifications, secure exam environments, automated grading–all integrated into your workflow and backed by dedicated 24/7 support.  

Your Exam, Your Workflow

Our platform is built with RESTful APIs (access points allowing software systems to talk to each other) which means that you can integrate performance-based certification programs into an existing program, or build a brand new one. 

Go Global

From 10 to 10,000+, automated provisioning ensures perfection. With datacenters all over the world, your exam is built in a region closest to the candidate to ensure a real-world experience. 


Every exam is archived and saved for prosperity.

Automated Grading

Remove the need for manual grading intervention with our GradingEngine™. Objective, automated whole-point and partial grading of exam results allow for a completely efficient and scalable program. 

TrueAbility Candidate Experience Guarantee™

Our high-stakes platform and industry leading SLA ensure that your candidates have an optimal experience. 


Integration whether you are utilizing innovative online remote proctoring via one of our partners, or an on-site physical testing center.
Many companies at the forefront of the software and IT industry like Cisco, SAS and Red Hat have utilized performance-based testing in their certification programs for years. Today, our platform makes performance-based certification possible for all industries and companies large and small. Removing the need to hire a dedicated team by democratizing real-world testing, means valuable certifications that all stakeholders can rely on. 
No matter what your certification, or the size of the team, TrueAbility makes performance-based certification easy. 

Example of a Certification Workflow