TrueAbility Presents at ASU-GSV Education Technology Conference

By May 19, 2017Events, News
ASU-GSV Summit TrueAbility

“The ASU + GSV Summit is an annual conference for everyone who matters in the learning and talent innovation community.”

A few things inspired our trip last week. The desire to learn more about challenges in education, a high probability of encountering an audience interested in our products, and quality networking opportunities. TrueAbility attended the ASU-GSV  Education Technology annual Summit in Salt Lake City for the first-time, and found it a great experience.  Thousands attend this forward-thinking event every year. It is also one of the more lavish conferences for the EdTech industry.

Tomorrowland Ballroom TrueAbility ASU GSV

Capitalizing on the opportunity to formally present our Performance-Based Assessment Platform to the masses, I reaffirmed our sustained commitment to build the features that make it possible for more organizations to utilize hands-on assessment.  TrueAbility has changed skill assessment forever and we intend to continue to modernize assessment accessibility and delivery.

You see, as jobs move to utilize more software and technology, (until now) an efficient and scalable means of assessing skills of a knowledge-based workforce hasn’t existed. TrueAbility’s platform makes performance-based assessment possible for the 21st century workforce.  With our attendance at ASU-GSV, we demonstrated those possibilities to a group of influencers which included educators, investors, marketers, and technologists. You can see additional images from the summit and the full presentation below. The presentation is just six minutes long, titled: Performance-based Assessment and a Way to Deliver It.

Video of the Presentation


Meet and Greet

ASU GSV Networking TrueAbility

Setting up the Main Conference Hall

ASU GSV Summit TrueAbility

Frederick “Suizo” Mendler is the Co-Founder & CEO of TrueAbility®, Inc. Suizo was one of the presenters at the ASU+GSV Summit and wrote about his experiences at this year’s conference.