New Performance-Based Certification by CompTIA is a good sign for Performance-Based Assessment


Some news released yesterday has brought a lot of excitement for our team here at TrueAbility. A recognized global leader in IT certification, CompTIA, announced that they are continuing to make investments in performance-based certification by opening a beta period for a performance-based version of their CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam. For several years TrueAbility has extolled the value of this certification method and this move by a well-respected giant in the space serves as an indicator of the importance performance-based assessment holds in the future of skill assessment.

This exam follows other instances of CompTIA vendor-neutral exams that include performance-based questions, such as the famed CompTIA A+ exam, the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+) exam and others. Workplace certifications continue to become more attractive and valuable as the shift to performance-based certification ensures that certificants have real skills and expertise.

There is no question that performance-based assessment will be the de facto method of skill evaluation in the workplace and classroom.  As more global business organizations adopt this method, so are educational institutions.

Educators, who are challenged with closing the skills gap and ensuring students enter the workforce prepared to add value to employers immediately, are leveraging hands-on environments that emulate the workplace. By using the tools and software found on the job–and by tackling real world tasks and challenges– student’s gain much-needed experience.

With an unparalleled dedication to innovation, I am proud of our team and the technology we have built. Our platform not only provides reliable global delivery of hands-on labs and certifications in the form of performance-based assessments, it ensures an optimal candidate experience and a great deal of value for our customers. Together, we move the world forward creating positive change by allowing people to prove what they know, thus creating better outcomes.


Frederick Suizo Mendler

Frederick “Suizo” Mendler is the CEO of TrueAbility and an advocate for the benefits performance-based assessment provide, such as objective data, elimination of cheating and test breach, elimination of bias and confirmation that a test-taker has real-skills. TrueAbility is a pioneer in applying the benefits of performance-based assessment to the computer working world. Using technology, TrueAbility can duplicate the actual work or classroom environment—with access to tools, documentation, and software, but in a controlled testing environment. In addition to pure performance-based assessment, TrueAbility is the first to introduce blended exams that combine performance-based assessment with multiple-choice questions. Multiple-Choice Questions, Performance-based Answers. Ask the question, with the answer found by performing a task in a live environment.