TrueAbility’s Marcus Robertson Contributes Time & Expertise to the City of San Antonio

By April 11, 2017Community, News
Marcus Robertson CTO CoSA

Marcus Robertson,Co-Founder & CTO of TrueAbility®, recently participated as a panelist in final interviews for San Antonio’s technology leader. Marcus was one of only two hand-selected private sector business groundbreakers that were non-city employees on a 12 person-panel to interview Chief Technology Officer candidates for the City of San Antonio (CoSA).  On Monday April 3rd, 2017 at City Hall, he sat with city leaders such as Assistant City Managers, City Attorney, the Chief Financial Officer among others.

“The CTO of marcus robertsona city of this size has to be well-rounded. It’s a tough job working across departments owning the various systems and technologies that are relied on by the city to serve it’s residents.  The CTO role in San Antonio is responsible for providing IT services to over 12,000 employees and 38 different business units. The right person for the job must be able to understand the issues on the front line as well as design and manage the overall IT strategy,” Marcus explains.

The previous Information and Technology Officer (CIO/CTO), Hugh Miller, held that role since 2004 and left for the private sector in October 2016, creating the open position.  It takes months to gather new job requirements and find applicants with the right qualifications to interview for the role.  CoSA leadership is seeking the future CTO to have proven success in the following areas:

  • Strong, Succinct Leadership Presence
  • Strong Inward Focused Customer Service
  • Experience in Timely and Cost Effective Project Delivery

Some of the biggest issues facing the city are: 1) Communication, 2) Coordination of technical tools, and 3) Logistics.  A new CTO must evaluate these issues and ensure our local government is enabled to help its residents.

Marcus confirms that, “It was a really good experience. I was most interested in learning about the candidate’s overall strategy and how they would approach some of the problems facing the city.”

Local company Deacon Recruiting coordinated the process from initial screening of candidates to managing the interview panels.

Marcus Robertson, born and raised in San Antonio, was selected because of his leadership experience and technical aptitude. Prior to founding TrueAbility, a performance-based assessment technology platform, he worked as government IT contractor and eventually was lured to Rackspace in 2000 where over 13 years he helped build a multi-billion dollar global cloud company. Marcus is considered an industry leader in cloud infrastructure. Marcus has held the role of CTO for TrueAbility, Inc. since 2012.

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