TrueAbility Powers Google’s Pledge to Certify 30,000 Developers in Africa

Helping Google Power 30,000 Certifications in Africa

Google recently announced plans to offer certification scholarships in support of its efforts to train and empower Africans to develop world class apps on Android, web, and cloud technologies. They’ll be training and certifying a generation of developers just as a global rollout of 5G networks is about to get underway. As you can imagine, this will undeniably spur a much-needed economic transformation in the region.

Interestingly enough, this announcement is also a milestone for the team here at TrueAbility. Because unbeknownst to many, TrueAbility is the performance-based delivery platform that’s powering two of the three certification programs announced by Google, namely the Android and Mobile Web Specialist certifications. So, Google’s announcement impacts us in three very important ways:

  • It’s validation of performance-based certification for software and technology providers. If you’ve ever doubted if performance-based certification could work for your software or development platform, you can now cast those doubts aside.
  • It’s validation of the TrueAbility platform, in terms of its ability to deliver a remarkable certification experience at scale, while delivering on other important factors like security and privacy.
  • And it’s an enormous validation of TrueAbility’s mission, which is to empower software and technology platform providers to easily deliver performance-based certification at global scale. This is achieved while simultaneously increasing the value of certification and providing real, objective results, providing fair opportunity for all technology workers.  

Economies around the world are in a state of disruption, as software and technology providers continue to deliver innovation that is increasingly transforming our lives for the better. We commend Google for recognizing that the fuel that drives this transformation is verifiably skilled talent and for empowering economies around the world to benefit from this transformation by creating the workforce of the future.

We’re also incredibly proud and excited to be playing such a vital role in supporting Google’s mission in Africa and around the world, and what it means for our customers, our industry, and our collective future. Disruption brings benefits and challenges, and no challenge is greater than ensuring that our global workforce is empowered to succeed in a constantly evolving economy. Performance-based certification, and the platforms that power them like TrueAbility, are the best assurance we have that we’re doing a good enough job.

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