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Aluminum Announces Acquisition of TrueAbility, Inc.

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Aluminum acquires TrueAbility

LAS VEGAS, July 20, 2023  Aluminum, Inc., a private equity firm specializing in B2B software-as-a-service (SAAS) companies announces the acquisition of TrueAbility, Inc., a pioneering performance-based skill assessment platform. 

Founded in 2012, TrueAbility has long been recognized as a frontrunner in the field of performance-based skill assessment, providing innovative solutions to measure and evaluate technical skills across various industries. Leading financial, data, and software customers entrust their certification programs to the platform’s cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the company’s comprehensive automated assessments are a preferred choice for organizations seeking reliable talent assessment of digital skills.

TrueAbility founders express excitement about the opportunity. Frederick Mendler, Co-founder and CEO states, “Joining Aluminum’s portfolio is a tremendous opportunity for TrueAbility. As the world continues to embrace skills-based hiring, the company will benefit greatly from Aluminum’s expertise to maximize the trend.”

Marcus Robertson, Co-founder and CTO adds, “Now the company can accelerate the mission and extend the reach of the platform to a wider audience, ensuring the ubiquity of performance-based assessment.”

Aluminum, Inc., with its deep expertise in identifying and nurturing software companies, recognized the immense potential of TrueAbility, Inc. and seized the opportunity to bring their unique capabilities into its portfolio. By integrating TrueAbility’s state-of-the-art assessment platform with its existing suite of SAAS companies, Aluminum, Inc. aims to continue to revolutionize the way organizations evaluate and develop digital skills in their workforce.

John Cross, CEO of Aluminum, states “We are thrilled to welcome TrueAbility into the Aluminum family. TrueAbility’s exceptional performance-based skill assessment platform aligns perfectly with our vision of empowering organizations with transformative technology solutions. This strategic acquisition not only strengthens our position in the SAAS industry but also opens up new avenues for growth and innovation.”

The acquisition of TrueAbility underlines Aluminum, Inc.’s commitment to investing in high-potential SAAS companies and leveraging their capabilities to create industry-leading solutions.

About Aluminum, Inc.:
Aluminum acquires and operates mid-stage technology companies, with a particular emphasis on B2B SaaS solutions. Aluminum provides its portfolio companies with deep operational expertise in all aspects of the business in order to scale to the next level. 

How To Design Performance-Based Questions For Exams

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Transitioning from multiple choice questions (MCQ) to performance-based certification (PBC) with performance-based questions isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Tech leaders who have already made the switch—Google, SUSE, and Chef—are enjoying benefits like trustworthy channel-partner relationships, greater brand recognition, and increased sales opportunities.

The process of creating PBC questions is surprisingly similar to that of MCQ. However, there are some key differences that hiring and certification managers should familiarize themselves with before getting started.

In this article, we’ll outline what those things are and why they matter. We’ll start with performance-based interviewing, then move on to on-the-job exams and certifications. We’ll also discuss why mentally preparing subject matter experts early on is vital to growing a successful certification program.

Let’s get started:

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Experiential Testing

As Certification Take Rates Rise, Performance-based Exams Increase Certification Value

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Hands-on or Performance testing is a no-brainer for organizations that seek to differentiate by increasing fidelity of their certification program.

The message is loud and clear that “certification matters.”  As reported by Global Knowledge in their 2021 IT Skills and Salary report, 76% of IT decision-makers experience critical skills gaps on their teams, a 145% increase since 2016. On the flip side, 80% reported benefits of certification including faster performance, higher engagement, and better work outcomes. Today, more hiring managers are seeking applicants with certifications to fill in-demand roles.

Not only are certifications important, but so is the type of certification. At TrueAbility we often tout the fact that not all certifications are created equal. We base this on how many educational objectives an exam captures, if the exam is prone to test breach (cheating) and if the test-taker can demonstrate real skills.

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Performance-Based Certification Program

The #1 Obstacle to the Success of Your Performance-Based Certification Program

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It was 2AM. After another late night call with a frustrated exam taker in APAC, Jim rubbed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. 

Jim was really worried about the future of his company’s performance-based certification program. Everything seemed to be unravelling at once after a great initial launch in North America. 

As Jim and his small team began to expand the program to Europe and Asia, so too did the support issues related to the delivery of their exams. Network latency, software defects, misconfigured exam environments, challenges with remote proctoring, and a host of other issues were putting an enormous strain on his team. They were up at all hours of the night dealing with unhappy users, which affected their ability to create new exams and market the program. 

The stakes were personally high for Jim too. He had advocated for transitioning the company’s certification program to performance-based exams in order to make the exams more meaningful. He was also the one who decided to build the exam delivery platform in-house.

As the night wore on, Jim began to wonder if the time had come to find a partner to help him deliver and support his performance-based exams. He also wondered if such a company even existed.

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Scale Your Performance-Based Certification Program

How to Scale Your Performance-Based Certification Program

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Subject: Refund Request.

The words practically jumped off Janet’s monitor.

Since launching her organization’s performance-based certification (PBC) program, the certification manager had received more unhappy emails than she cared to admit. The irony? 

The complaints weren’t because there was anything wrong with the program itself. Janet, and her lean team of two coworkers, spent 16 months developing a quality PBC program

In fact, the team went over budget after outsourcing a UX professional, devops engineer and cyber security engineer to leave no stone unturned. Unfortunately, Janet was now dealing with a problem she had never anticipated: Growing pains. 

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Get Ready for Performance-Based Certification: 5 Team Training Tips

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What a waste of time…  

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase after attending an employee training program, you’re not alone. Despite U.S. companies continually spending more money on training, 75 percent of respondents surveyed by McKinsey & Co. indicated such efforts did not improve employee performance.

The primary culprit? Marathon learning sessions that overload team members with information that is never revisited. Read More